Wednesday, December 17, 2008

new posts coming in the new year

no, i didn't stop cooking, but my camera was destroyed last march, and i didn't get another one until this week. i'm off to vietnam, cambodia, and thailand, and will surely come back inspired to make all kinds of yummies. i won't be posting again until the new year, but i'll leave you with some words of wisdom from the nyt's mark bittman:

...when it comes to kitchens, size and equipment don’t count nearly as much as devotion, passion, common sense and, of course, experience. to pretend otherwise — to spend tens of thousands of dollars or more on a kitchen before learning how to cook, as is sadly common — is to fall into the same kind of silly consumerism that leads people to believe that an expensive gym membership will get them into shape or the right bed will improve their sex life. as runners run and writers write, cooks cook, under pretty much any circumstance.